Family law

Custody and support modifications

Ex lovers or spouses frequently experience changes in life circumstances. When that happens, they often wish to modify current child support or divorce agreements. The T. Bailey Law Office can draft changes and modifications that are fair and acceptable, or fight for changes in front of the judge.

Child custody cases

Establishing a child custody or visitation agreement is part of every divorce process in which children are involved. Such agreements establish all regulations for each parent’s custody or visitation rights regarding their children. While most parents honor these agreements, there are many others who fail to properly uphold their part of the agreement, compromising the integrity of the agreement and potentially even placing a child or children in a precarious position.

Common Reasons for Modification of Child Custody

Modifications to child custody arrangements can be important for the well-being of the children involved, which is the primary focus of the courts. In general, the following changes may prompt a parent or the court to seek modifications to an existing child custody arrangement: A parent proves to be unsafe due to drug or alcohol addictions or other legal problems
The parent or caregiver with physical custody passes away or develops health problems that interfere with caring for the child
One or both parents decide to move
Remarriage of one or both parents
Child requests change in living arrangements

Adoptions. The adoption process can be confusing and intimidating if you’re unprepared. Taurus Bailey has hands on experience in handling the complexities of adoption laws and guidelines. He has often been to the hospitals to personally attend to paperwork and meet the parties involved for a friendly and safe experience.

Name changes. Taurus Bailey and the T. Bailey Law Office can assist in a name change within one weeks notice, a quick court appearance and paperwork.