Criminal Defense


The results of a DUI conviction are severe, even for first-time offenders. Taurus Bailey know which tests may give a false positive reading and which cases might be based on an illegal stop. We create defense strategies that serve your individual case.

Drug crimes

Even a misdemeanor conviction for drugs of any controlled substance could incarceration time. Generally, drug crimes cannot be expunged unless a defendant is eligible for diversion probation. Our attorneys can often negotiate cases to lower, if not eliminate, the penalties associated with many drug crimes.

Sex crimes

The effects of a sex crime conviction are severe in Tennessee. Aside from the mandatory incarceration and fines, you may be ostracized by your community, loved ones or denied job opportunities and housing.

Violent crimes

The most severe punishments are usually reserved for those who commit violent crimes. Aggravated assault, murder, domestic assault, and crimes where persons are threatened with violence count as “violent crimes.” Taurus Bailey has the experience and resources to build a defense strategy to defend you effectively.